Amaro Peach

Amaro Peach has a lovely mix of sweet and bitter flavors in the classic tradition of great Italian Amari. Fruit flavors of peach, Valencia Orange, and stewed black fruits contrast the herbaceous and pleasantly bitter flavors. Amaro Peach can be enjoyed any way that suits your taste: as the star of the show neat or on the rocks, or as the supporting actor in a cocktail.

80 Proof | 40% ABV | 700mL

How to use Peach Amaro

DoMA Limonata

2 oz. Amaro Peach
4 oz. lemon soda (such as San Pellegrino)
Lemon wheel and sage leaf

Add Amaro Peach and lemon soda into a Collins glass with ice.
Stir gently to combine and garnish with a lemon wheel and sage leaf.