In collaboration with local artists, both young and old, new and experienced, Distillery of Modern Art is bringing art to life and making it approachable in a whole new way. We are committed to supporting and encouraging a thriving art community.



Phillip Clark is an Atlanta-based multimedia
artist with over 25 years of experience. His
range of skills includes painting, illustration,
graphic design, product design, and event

curation. After studying under the world-
renowned artist Ray Shead, he moved to

Boston in 1999 to launch his career. In 2003 he
moved to St. Petersburg, Florida where he
founded The Artillery, an arts organization that
defined the city’s burgeoning creative culture.
Next, Phillip opened the Bluelucy Gallery where
he curated over 50 exhibits that represented
nearly 500 local and national artists.

Today, Phillip continues to push the boundaries
of art and design, experimenting with new
materials and techniques to create truly
innovative pieces. He works in various
mediums, including acrylic, enamel, collage,
and resin, to create a unique mix of visual
elements that reflect his vibrant artistic style.
His work is a reflection of his love of clever
ideas, retro imagery, pop icons, science fiction,
and animation.

His work can be found in numerous private and
corporate collections and has been featured in

notable spaces including the Smithsonian
Design Museum, RISD Museum, Tampa
Museum of Art, and Design Museum Boston.

Always taken back by the beauty of her surroundings, Nailah has been drawing since she was 4 years old. As she got older, the interest in creating artwork only continued to grow. When she was 14, she applied to Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts in Florida, got accepted and majored in visual arts. She then went on to move to Atlanta to receive her bachelor’s degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. In total, she studied art for 10 years.

For a few years after that, Nailah created artwork for herself and others when asked. Eventually she realized she didn’t want to do anything else and decided to pursue it full time. She mainly works with acrylics, channeling the vibrancy of often overlooked moments in everyday life and nature. Her intention is to create beautiful pieces that speak to each person differently. Her work is her absolute passion; she creates every single day. She’s able to truly speak to people through her pieces. Her work tends to bring up feelings of joy, creativity, inspiration and excitement. In addition to canvas work, she also paints murals that remind people to be kind and she would like to create 3D pieces once she acquires space for it.


Nailah’s work has been showcased on CBS, 11Alive, WSBTV, Voyage ATL and Atlanta Street Art. She’s known to see the warmness in everything around her and share it with everyone through her artwork.

Her work is meant to bring light into your space and she feels honored in doing so.


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