In collaboration with local artists, both young and old, new and experienced, Distillery of Modern Art is bringing art to life and making it approachable in a whole new way. We are committed to supporting and encouraging a thriving art community.



Although his creative journey began at a young age by winning a competitive art show against thousands of other adolescent artists, Armando Chacon did not fully start to pursue his artistic interests until later in life. Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Armando made his way to the United States at thirteen years old, where he completed his education. Upon graduating college, Chacon decided to move to South Florida, where his artistic career truly began to take off. Immersed in the Miami Art Scene, Armando discovered a love of painting in large format, and his passion for creating murals was born. Armando refers to his artistic style as his own personal recipe, consisting of several different “ingredients.” Spirituality, surrealism, Mayan culture, and his own daily experiences all play a significant role in his work.

Craig Dongoski is a Full Professor at Georgia State University. Dongoski has been exploring and articulating the mark in its most basic form (both graphically and aurally) for much of his career. The intention is that through varied interpretations of the marks that a contribution is made to the art historical dialogue within the origin of human expression. He was twice nominated for a Ford/Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in New Media. Dongoski has also released albums on Hydra Head Records and Aucourant Records.


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