A Sneak Peek Inside the Distillery of Modern Art

January 28, 2020by Rachel Jimenez

It will be a few more months until the Distillery of Modern Art open our doors for business in Chamblee in early 2020. But as we draw closer to launch, we offer you the chance to peek inside and see the designs for our interior spaces.

distillery space

We are building with the immersive experience in mind; which is why every step you take through our Distillery is deliberate.  Upon entry, you might feel as if you are greeted with a modern, unadorned entry; however, we view this space as a pallet cleanser to welcome and acclimate you to the space. Our entryway is meant to be clean, and to prepare you for the. wonders ahead.

Rather than inundate you with our bar, our stills and our event spaces all upon entry, we chose to break the space into sections that invite a more exploratory approach to the space. As you move from area to area, you get a little more of an understanding of what we do at DOMA.

distillery interior design

As you continue to move through the Distillery, you will come upon our shared bar space. Much of the wood on the tables, bar and walls is saved from whiskey barrels. So, by now, you are surely captivated by the smell of old whiskey barrels and fresh herbs kept at the bartenders ready on our living walls.

Event Space

Beyond our bar you’ll find both the functional distillery, alongside a space for events with a large window looking back into the distillery. This space is built to be a blank canvas, transforming from wedding reception venue to concert hall seamlessly.  Look for more information on our event space soon, here on the blog.

As our space comes together, and as we make progress towards opening our doors in the coming weeks, we look forward to welcoming you.