DOMA’s Anonymous Whiskey Bottle Design

November 7, 2019by Rachel Jimenez

This is the artwork that will adorn our whiskey bottle. It comes from an artist who has chosen to remain anonymous.

“Anonymity is freedom. Freedom from form, expectations, and associations. Anonymity makes my art what it is – an expression of spirit that stands on its own. I care not for recognition or reward — for my work to exist within this city I adore is enough. I made this for the people who choose to revel in the moment rather than demand the glory to own it.”

The piece, for its myriad edges, was created to evolve into something more; to grow beyond its moment; to absorb and reflect the ethereal realities it will witness. It’s a work that invites you to seek more.

What began as an exploration of the whiskey-making process in an urban environment, this mixed media piece depicts the juxtaposition of delicately bubbling mash and peacefully aging whiskey against bursts of activity from a bustling city interrupted by sharp rising buildings and crisscrossing roads that cut the space apart to bring it together.

Inspired by the city and the spirit, this piece captures and compels an experience. The artist’s anonymity is an affirmation of the freedom we all have to discover our own meaning. It’s an affirmation that each of us can define what a work of art means to us. What it matters. What it is for, and about.

With our anonymous whiskey, we ask: What will you make of the moment?