Due to unexpected logistical challenges, the cocktail competition will be postponed until a later date. Stay tuned for more information.

Challenge Overview

At Distillery of Modern Art, we celebrate the art of the spirit — distilling drinks that inspire community and connect people to what they love. Fascinated by the idea that great drinks aren’t just about flavors and finishes — but about the connections they foster and the ideas they inspire. Compelled by the belief that distilling isn’t just a process to be perfected, but a canvas to be painted — or a kind of song and dance. When you pour yourself a glass of our whiskey, gin, vodka, or amaro, you’ll notice a unique print behind the label. It’s a bold and beautiful nod to the craft inside each bottle, and a reminder to make time for your own self-expression, whatever that looks like for you.

For this challenge, you must submit two craft cocktails and one batched cocktail that represent your art, with Distillery of Modern Art spirits as the medium.

For this Entry

  • You must use a minimum of 1 oz. of a Distillery of Modern Art spirit*.
  • You may use no more than six (6) ingredients total in your cocktail recipe, including your chosen Distillery of Modern Art spirit.
  • You may not list the brand name of any other liquor in your recipe (i.e. instead of “Cointreau” list “orange liqueur”).
  • Garnishes do not count towards your ingredient maximum.
  • One Homemade Ingredient is permitted and counts as one of your 6 permitted total ingredients. See guidelines for Homemade Ingredients below.
  • Submit a written response (300 words or less) describing the flavor profile of your cocktail, and why you chose your specific Distillery of Modern Art spirit.

*Available spirits are Atlanta Vodka, Peach Flavored Vodka, Nouveau Gin, Corn Whiskey, and Amaro Peach

Guidelines for Homemade Ingredient(s)

You must submit the recipe for your Homemade Ingredient.

There is no limit to the number of ingredients in your Homemade Ingredient recipe.

Guidelines for Written Response

You must also submit a written response (300 words or less) describing the flavor profile of your cocktail and your inspiration for the drink. You must also demonstrate your knowledge of your selected Distillery of Modern Art spirit(s) by incorporating relevant information. Your submission will be anonymous to judges. Please do not include names of any establishments in your written response.

Technique Tested

In this challenge, you’ll be tested on your ability to create a balanced cocktail as well as your knowledge of spirits, craft cocktails, and your chosen Distillery of Modern Art spirit(s). You are encouraged to review the scoring rubric to ensure that your cocktail recipe and supporting essay adhere to the application prompts and corresponding points categories.

Important Dates

Updated Dates Coming Soon!

Event Description

The first hour of the event will be mixing and mingling with your fellow competitors and guests, and a chance for the audience to taste your batched cocktail submission, and vote on their favorite.

The second hour of the event will be presentations of the two craft cocktails for the guests and judges. The presentation should be 5-8 minutes long, and include personal background information, your inspiration for your cocktails, and a demonstration on how to prepare and serve the two cocktails (please make enough for our three judges to each have a full cocktail with garnish).

Judges will then confer, winners will be announced, and the event will end. All competitors will receive their judges score sheets at the end of the event.



First Place – Trophy; $200; and work with our bar manager to have your cocktail featured on our menu 

Second Place – $100

Third Place – $50

Audience Favorite – Trophy

All finalists will receive a Distillery of Modern Art SWAG bag