January 28, 2019by Rachel Jimenez

A funny thing happens when you consider your livelihood as a form of art: compromise becomes impossible. Distilling is our art form, and each of our spirits, a “work” of art. Our spirits exist to create a sensory experience for you, wherever you are. From the first moment you hold a DOMA bottle in your hands and feel the weight of our glass, to the literal art sourced by local artists to adorn each spirited DOMA bottle, you will understand the experience that awaits you is bound to be exquisite.

As you swirl our spirits in your glass, you will see perfect clarity. As you bring your glass to your nose and inhale, you’ll experience earth and fire and air. And as you savor the taste on your tongue, traveling from your taste buds down to your core, you’ll understand the enjoyment of our spirits is what makes our art complete.

At DOMA, our focus is not just on becoming one of the best distilleries in Georgia,  or on owning the Atlanta distillery tour scene. Instead, we’re focused on the substance of our products. The art of it. The style we bring to our substance. We consider how every step of the distilling process can be more memorable, more clarified. From the all-glass viewing and tasting areas that allow you to view the craft behind our process, to our top of the line equipment sourced from boutique vendors to the richest and most flavorful ingredients; we seek something abstract, something more than another locally produced spirit.

Whether it’s adding flavor to one of our vodkas or deciding which combination of grains to use in our whiskeys, what we choose matters. Our recipe, processes, environment, and your experience; should feel like a walk through a modern gallery … with a little kick.


Seth Watson, the founder of DOMA, has set in motion this appreciation for art in all forms. His commitment to creating an experience for you goes beyond what’s in your bottle. DOMA is about cultivating a modern distillery experience that pays its respects to traditional distilleries in Atlanta and beyond. From the moment you pick up one of our bottles, you’ll see that it’s not about us, it’s about you. And all we ask is that you join us in our journey to … seek more.