Oscillate Wildly, with Jeromy Ross

July 31, 2019by Rachel Jimenez

For Jeromy Ross, painting is an unorthodox process. His works are often guided by forces outside his control. “Chaos Mechanisms,” as he calls them. We’re excited to announce Jeromy as our latest contributing local artist – commissioning his work for our forthcoming gin bottle.


“For the Distillery of Modern Art, I made a pendulum to pour the paint onto the background.  I also incorporated a large ‘wheel-of-fortune’ device to decide the color scheme. I used two 20-sided dice to determine the position of the colorful shape in the center, and my wheel of fortune device to color it.


Then, I added my own touch of fluorescent pigment to accent the composition, with the goal of making the painting “vibrate” or “fizz” similar to the “bubbly” qualities of a gin and tonic. The title of the piece is “Oscillate Wildly,” my inspiration stems from a song by The Smiths. Every gin drinker I’ve met seems to love The Smiths, including me.”


Ross found his artistic voice at the Savannah College of Art and Design where he earned a Master in Fine Art. Living and working in Savannah for several years after finishing school, today Ross is an instructor at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts, and an artist represented by Peridot Art and Antiques in Savannah, GA. His studio, a renovated farmhouse on Lake Hartwell, GA serves as his creative space.


When he isn’t painting, or teaching others to paint, Ross enjoys music and plays a multitude of instruments. His favorite cocktail is a small batch bourbon neat, or with a couple of ice cubes and a slice of apple, though he also loves the occasional gin and tonic with a thin slice of citrus.


More information on the Distillery of Modern Art’s flagship gin is coming soon. To learn more about Jeromy Ross, follow him @jeromyrossartist on Instagram.