The Newest Piece in Our Collection: A Vendome Continuous Copper Still

April 15, 2019by Rachel Jimenez

If you’ve been keeping score, then you already know we’ve commissioned the Hot Rod Still from Detroit Stillworks for our gin and vodka production at the Distillery of Modern Art.

And, by now you probably know that we take exceptional pride in the beauty and form of both our spirits and the equipment to produce them. An artist is only as good as his tools, and all that.

But what you wouldn’t know, until now at least, is that we’re also installing a second continuous copper still from the fine makers at Vendome Copper & Brass Works, based out of Louisville, KY, for our production of American whiskey.

We’re excited to announce this partnership with Vendome. Vendome started making stills in downtown Louisville during the William Howard Taft administration and has done so continuously ever since. For more than 100 years, Vendome Copper & Brass Works has fabricated and supplied equipment to distilleries and other businesses. A family-owned business, Vendome is run today by the fourth generation of Shermans – who are also members of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame.

At DOMA, we put a lot of care into our craft. Our art is the distillation of fine spirits. Our brushes and canvasses are the tools with which we surround ourselves. With Vendome, we’ve selected a classic still.

Want to see how much care Vendome puts into their art? Watch this, the ‘Tour en l’vendome.’ Clearly, the fine people of Louisville and DOMA can agree that there is something classical, something artful, something timeless in the distillation of spirits. You can check out the Distillery of Modern Art and our centerpiece stills from Detroit and Louisville on a ‘tour en l’DOMA’ of your own anytime. No ballerina shoes required.