A New Art Form is Born at our Atlanta Distillery

At the Distillery of Modern Art, we are first and foremost, a distillery of fine spirits.  We are also a destination and experience that’s shaped, in part, by our local community.  It’s why we are tapping into our surrounding arts community to find established and emerging artists to feature their abstract expression of our spirits which will serve as an integral part of our bottles, our distillery and ultimately, our brand.

The DOMA label itself was meticulously designed to be intriguing and provocative, encouraging you to study and appreciate it and discover each artist’s unique sentiment inside the label, designed as an added bonus for those who seek more.

Because of our desire to support and encourage a thriving arts community, we commission and entrust artists to produce remarkable pieces from a blank canvas painted through our unique distilling techniques. Each spirit exhibits its own artwork created in the individual artist’s style, designed to match the spirit of vodka, gin, a variety of American whiskies and other distinctive liquors.

Next time you want to take a distillery tour in Atlanta, let one of our artists take you on a mesmerizing tour. The art we share on our bottles, and the personalities captured by the artists and their work, make each bottle of DOMA spirits approachable, unique and refined in a whole new way. Showcasing work from both students and established artists, you will be rewarded across all of your senses.