Our first art installation at the distillery is a Hot Rod Still from Detroit Stillworks

As a rule of thumb, we gravitate to those who put as much care into their craft as we do. We use only the top-of-the-line distilling equipment at the Distillery of Modern Art, customized specifically to our creative inspiration. That inspiration takes into consideration the artfulness of producing a balanced, fragrant and distinct spirit as well as the environment that showcases it.

Faced with selecting our still – a piece of equipment that becomes a part of the very foundation of DOMA — we chose the Hot Rod Still from Detroit Stillworks, a specialty still maker based out of Detroit, Michigan. Their passion and skill, their quality and attention to detail for each hand-made element, all reinforce their motto, “Never Sacrifice Performance for Tradition.” We agree.

Our still came to us from two hot-rod enthusiasts, once living 1800 miles apart, brought together in the motor city to combine their passion for performance machines and a disruptive approach to distillery equipment. The Hot Rod Still is a machine for businesses that appreciate power, scalability, and a look to the future of contemporary distillery design. Every machine is measured, cut, welded, and delivered by hand with a stainless flair for the modern.

With our Hot Rod, we can get our heat up to running temperature in five minutes and produce 2000 proof gallons in an eight-hour shift, with 0 percent spirit loss during the process. Our Hot Rod is a sight to behold; the equipment that reflects our brand and artistic culture. We hope you’ll come to see her in person, and maybe stick around for a gin or vodka tasting and a distillery tour.