Feeling the Joy, with Juliana Lupacchino

March 12, 2020by Rachel Jimenez

Our aged corn designer whiskey bottle will be graced by artist and recent Savannah College of Art (SCAD) graduate, Juliana Lupacchino’s joyful work.

Throughout her life, Lupacchino has always been passionate about color, and how it could be explored through methods such as pattern, installation fine art, and now, finger painting. Her unique method of finger painting is both childlike, and expressive. She believes that there lies a sense of freedom when you leave the brush behind. Juliana finds that finger painting brings about unique shapes and texture that a brush would not lend itself to.


“I have always wanted to crack into the art scene in Atlanta, and this is such an exciting start–especially with the Distillery scene I love the combination of a distillery and art,” said Lupacchino. “I’m so excited art is reaching past its normal boundaries when it comes to where it can be and how it can influence a space.”


Lupacchino is a native of Savannah, Georgia. She experienced much of her childhood in the downtown Historic Savannah district and graduated from SCAD in 2017, with a degree in Fibers. During her time at SCAD, she explored both pattern development and material exploration through large scale installation work. Whatever she is creating, it is important that the audience gains a feeling of joy when viewing Juliana’s work. Joy is a key element throughout all of her work. She expresses that through color, shape, and scale. Juliana currently works on large scale paintings and murals. Her paintings are colorful, abstract, organic, and adventurous.