Jeremiah Jossim’s Modern Landscapes to Appear on Digestif

July 1, 2019by Rachel Jimenez

We’re proud to announce Savannah, Georgia artist Jeremiah Jossim as our latest contributing visual artist to the Distillery of Modern Art bottle collection. Jossim will contribute his work to our forthcoming digestif.


Unlike an aperitif, which is usually acidic or bitter (and used to whet the appetite), the digestif is often sweet, spiced, and deep in earthen hues, built to assist with indigestion. The digestif is a forgotten gem of the world of spirits; a flavorful, colorful last vestige of a bygone era. To find inspiration for his digestif label, Jossim looked to the coastline.


“The Georgia coast is a forgotten gem too. There are relatively few sandy beaches, but instead, miles of estuaries, salt marshes, and river deltas. I’ve always loved this diversity of landscape; the way the salt grasses and brackish water visually mix with greens, browns, and blues all sweeping across the horizon. My painting is a celebration of the Georgia coastline and its aesthetic, historical and ecological diversity. It’s a tribute to forgotten gems,” says Jossim.


For Jeremiah Jossim, the opportunity to design our newest label was also a chance to extend his style to a new medium. While Jossim’s art has always explored the architecture of home and the importance of the land to our personal sense of place, the opportunity to share his unique style in label form was appealing.


“I was drawn to the Distillery of Modern Art because of its dedication to supporting working artists, for its commitment to the same artistic ideals I ascribe to, and for the prospect of showcasing my art in a new medium: spirits,” adds Jossim.


Stay tuned for more information on the Distillery of Modern Art’s digestif. Additional works from Jeremiah Jossim are available at