Our First Partner Artist – Bea Craig

June 15, 2019by Rachel Jimenez

Whenever we craft a new spirit, we turn over the blank canvas of our newest bottle to a local or emerging artist, and we ask them to help us create a remarkable multisensory experience. The art on our bottle labels matches the qualities of the spirits we create, taste and visual style working together to create something unique.

Today we’re proud to announce our first partner artist, Bea Craig. As a little girl growing up on Lookout Mountain, Georgia, Craig was constantly surrounded by creativity. She followed her dreams of becoming an artist, studying painting and illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating in 2003. Her travels as an artist took her to New York City, Athens, Georgia, Los Angeles, and home again to Savannah. After experimenting with different media and styles, Craig found her passion lies in abstract composition; her works are filled with color-play, meditations in neutrality and pops of brightness. Using a process of layering, scraping and layering again, Craig’s compositions are in a constant state of metamorphosis, inspired by unexpected sources like the worn weathered paint on abandoned buildings, the rich colors of rusty trains and the beautiful hues of Florida beaches.

Craig has designed the inner-label for our upcoming peach vodka release. Her inspiration for the painting is based on the peach. She used a mix of peach colors with many layers of different tones to gain the desired effect –  then added blue for a refreshing and cool feeling against the warm cozy peach.

“I’m proud to be part of a flourishing community that not only inspires me as a painter but supports the arts community in so many ways.” – Bea Craig

Bea Craig is represented by the Atlanta Artist Collective, a gallery of artists dedicated to monthly charitable giving. Follow her on Instagram and check out more of Bea’s work here.